Thursday, August 11, 2011

Future wives...

I had this thought, or series of thoughts, as I was washing dishes tonight...

I am a young (as in new) mother, and have not been married very long yet. However, there are some things I have learned, and many more things I am learning, that I could pass on to others coming behind me. I have younger sisters, and I hope to some day have daughters. So, for those soon to be wives, or will be wives in the more distant future, I have some recommendations...

During the time you still have at home, learn all you can from your mother about running a home and how to be a godly wife.

-Learn to cook good meals for your family, and do so joyfully.
.....I'll tell on myself here. When I first got married I would get grumpy while preparing a meal that took some effort, especially if my hard working husband was relaxing after a day of work. Now, when our son was born it took me a while to learn how to get a meal on the table while caring for a hungry newborn, so my wonderful husband made some great meals. (Did I mention I have an amazing husband!?) After several months I was able to take over cooking meals again, and I have done so (for the most part) with a much improved attitude. =) I am thankful that I can make dinner for my family. It is satisfying to be able to put a good meal on the table for my family to enjoy.

-Learn to clean the house. You may already know the basics, but learn to clean the things that don't get done often as well.
.....While you may be busy now, when you have your own home there will be more of the responsibility on your shoulders for the cleaning. So, learning to do it while you don't have to do it all will help you. Maybe even clean the whole house for some good practice. Chances are you will start out somewhere smaller after your married, and it will be easy by contrast. ;)

Any task that is before us will be much easier on us and much less stressful if we learn to enjoy it. Being thankful that we have the opportunity to tackle the task before us will help our perspective. And, of course, the Holy Spirit is our Helper! He knows the answer to that thing that we just can't seem to figure out.

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